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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. this is the normal, as bob said, i'm ready . >> we all -- we have to grow. a [inaudible] >> eastbound immediate an assumption here on tipped thundershower hat to an assumption one particular outcome in the election which is the president gets reelected. the second term. you mention briefly there was a possibility of romney might be elected. let's talk about that a second. though the reciprocally -- [laughter] >> good thing i'm here. [laughter] >> and i think everybody greens with that. >> but -- [laughter] in terms of the issue of american instance, do you think that the president romney would handle things, do things have and impact an 0 american influence that was different from president obama was doing? >> well, i mean, unfortunately for answering the question, my basic thesis there's a tremendous degree of continuity between presidents. we already saw and jessica and i have a running discussion about this. i was going say argument which it's not. >> treatment. >> which began around january 2009. many people have been struck. the nighttimes "new york times" the continue -- any president in
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to reinforce what you just said from bob woodward's new book, the price of politics, he recounts a conversation between former verizon ceo ivan seaton bird and valerie garrett from the white house. here he is talking to valerie garrett according to bob woodward. with all due respect, we will be here when you're gone. i am a perfect example of that he said. so you have to realize that this very progressive agenda on this once-in-a-lifetime moment for this man in this world can be last because guys like me can hunker down and wait you out. >> guest: yeah, i've heard the same things. you know, i've heard that at the end of the day the president likes to it here like he's getting input from the business community, but he definitely cinemax on the end of it because he has an ideology of the solution that are needed for this economy and that is really where his focus rather than speaking to business people, saying here's what the demand picture looks like. you know, here is what we need to ensure that we will put more money into the economy. you know, i think there is a real debate right now and divi
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, thank you. who do we have next? if you can state your name and give it a -- >> i am bob reed withheld bt network and parent senate expecting youth vote dropouts is a high problem with them. going in the opposite direction i was a in a session about disconnected youth a few days ago where they were talking about i think in texas where there is a state that permits funding of using high school funding and i don't know all the details of her age 26. and so that is the k-12 system funding potentially should be made available for older students. i am curious if that is not another way to think of this rather than trying to get to 18 is compulsory. maybe it's about using elementary and secondary education funding for older students. >> real quick, as our high school of the student is 21, 19 or 18, if they need one or two courses, they can come and into credit recovery in those twilight high schools and receive their diplomas and we are very happy and proud to do that. give me the choice between having pre-k and moving money towards the 25, 26-year-old kids, adults, texas last year eliminated f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3